Big Brawl in Boston

Very exciting stuff in Boston last night. Personally, I really couldn’t care less. ‘He came in with his cleats up‘. ‘There was no reason to throw at him‘. ‘He threw at him‘. ‘Everybody had a big fight‘. Words words words. Talk talk talk. Big deal.

What really interested me, was the fact that David Price did not Pitch well and was taken out of the game in the first inning. He complained of tingling in his pitching hand. This is huge the Red Sox AND Yankees. Prices first two outings against the Rays where very impressive. He had good velocity and was spotting his fastball. if the Red Sox could have established Sale and Price at the top of their rotation it would have made a very long season for the Yankees. Now with Price on the sideline and his arm in doubt, who knows what’s going to happen next.

The next thing for the Yankees is they gave up seven runs and won the game because they scored 10. There may be more than a couple of these games this year for the Yankees but what’s great is that they can win most of them.

Third on this list. The reason why the Yankees were able to score was because of Stanton and Sanchez. Sanchez had a monster game. A double and two home runs. Stanton’s triple would have gone out in almost every Park in the nation. That little corner In Fenway is 420 feet with a 12 foot wall. That’s a big boy hit. So now Stanton is 5 for his last 9 with two extra-base hits. I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d put all of my money on the Yankees tonight.

That game last night was almost a must-win for the Yankees. If they lose, they’re five and a half back and Sale and Price established as solid 1 2 starters. With the Yankees winning, they’re three and a half back and Price is now on the shelf. Things have gone from bad to rosie for the New York Yankees.

So Sanchez is 3 for 5 with 2 homers and a double. Stanton is 5 for his last 9 with two extra-base hits. And judge has a 9 game hitting streak and has 7 hits in his last three games, including a homer. With those three swinging the bat well, I think it’s possible you’re about to see what the Yankee offense is capable of. Should be really interesting. Can’t wait for 7:05pm EST.

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