Jose Fernandez - RIP
Jose Fernandez - RIP

What's it all about.

This site came about from occasional posts on Facebook that I would make. My audience was my friends. I've been a baseball fan for over 50 years. But since I'm a math guy, the stats appealed to me as much as the game itself. So in 1984 I started reading Bill James, a guy who is considered the father of sabermetrics. Through him and others, I learned a different way of looking at the game.

So when I finally hooked into Facebook and connected with a bunch of my old high school friends, I began to find an audience for my thoughts on baseball. I started getting some positive feedback and so I decided to start a separate FB page. Unfortunately, FB is a pain in the rear and I didn't like the way treated secondary pages. The considered them business pages and this is not a business. It's a place for me to talk to my friends.

Then, I began to get a following in the Phillipines. Go figure. I had 50 or so personal friends following me and 5 times that amount of strangers following me from Southeast Asia. But FB became more than I could stand, so I started an actual blog. So here we are.

This site is still primarily for my friends. Anyone else is certainly welcome. If this thing accumulates momentum, great, and I may make some changes. But for now it's centered around New York and California (the places I've lived) because that's where my friends are. Other teams will pop up as I feel a need to talk about.

I hope you enjoy my insights. Go Houston.